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Creative arts auditions

Enrolment - Creative arts auditions



Please note:  All applications must be submitted online via our Audition Application Form.

There is 1 round of Auditions:

  1. First Round: Audition and Interview at the school. 


  1. Please click on this link to complete the Online Audition Application Form.
  2. Click on Creative Arts to read through the Audition Information Sheet to see what is required in the audition.
  3. Upon your attendance at the LIVE Audiitons please bring the following paperwork with you and submit to the CAPA Office upon your arrival at the audition:

    Please provide the following documents - DO NOT STAPLE

    a. Student Photo Identification
    b. Photocopy of the student's Birth Certificate.

    If the student was not born in Australia and has an Australian passport, please also provide a copy of the  student's  Australian passport.

    If the student's birth certificate shows that they were born in Australia, but both of their parents were born  overseas, please also provide the student's Australian passport or documentation to show the citizenship or  permanent residency of one parent at the time of the student's birth.

    c. Tutor or Teacher Reference
    d. Photocopy of the most recent school report
    e. Photocopy of last NAPLAN - one page only showing the four areas with bands - NOT the whole report.
    f. Immunisation Certificate
    g. Creative Arts Brief Submission
    h. Principal's Recommendation

  4. Should your child be successful at Audition you will receive an email within 3 weeks indicating your child's successful application and an offer of a place at Nepean CAPA High School in 2021.

  5. Please return your Acceptance of Offer by the last day of Term 2 - Friday 3 July. If the school has not received a response by this date your child's position may be forfeited.

  6. If you have accepted the offer, students in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 will receive an email in TERM 3 outlining the Elective Options for 2021. Students will need to select their elective options for 2021 on an online form which will enable the school to put them in their classes for 2021. Please Note: All Enrolments are subject to the Department of Education Guidelines for Enrolment.

  7. All new CAPA students will be invited to an Information Evening in Week 3 of Term 4 2021 where you will be:

    a. Introduced to the Head Teacher and Senior Executive.
    b. Have an opportunity to clarify any elective enquiries.
    c. Receive information regarding the ensemble and company programs at the school.

There is an application fee set at $80 per subject which is payable at the time of the online application submission.

Year 7 Applicants from Government Schools Only

You will receive an Expression of Interest Form for High School, from your Primary School. If you intend to audition for a place at Nepean CAPA High School, you MUST indicate this on your Expression of Interest Form for High School that you will have received from your Primary School in March.

If you have any enquiries regarding the application process, please email Jodie Paulley on: or call the school on 4728 7203.