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Our School - Year 7 Assessment Tasks

Please find a list of all Year 7 Assessment Tasks.



Assessment task 1: Tell us a Story

Due date for draft submission: Week 7 Monday 11th March: 7U, 7E Wednesday 13th March: 7A, 7I, 7L, 7M, 7U, 7P Due date for final submission: Week 9 Monday 25th March: 7N, 7P Wednesday 27th March: 7A, 7I, 7L, 7M, 7U, 7P

Assessment Task Number 2: Poetic Understanding

Due date for written submission: Part A – Poetry Composition

7E – 19.06.19, 7M – 21.06.19, 7U – 21.06.19, 7P – 21.06.19, 7L – 21.06.19, 7A – 20.06.19, 7I – 20.06.19, 7N – 21.06.19.

Part B – Response to Poem

7E – 01.07.19, 7M – 27.06.19, 7U – 27.06.19, 7P – 27.06.19, 7L – 28.06.19, 7A – 28.06.19, 7I – 28.06.19, 7N – 28.06.19.

Assessment Task 3: Novel review

Due: Tuesday 10 September 2019





Human society and its environment


Year 7 Geography Place and Liveability

Assessment Task 1A: Liveability Booklet

Due: First Geography lesson Week 6

Assessment Task 1B: In class essay under examination conditions

Date: First Geography lesson Week 8

Assessment Task 2: Liveability GAT

Due: 8.04.2019


Assessment Task 1: Museum plaque and written proposal to museum creator

Due: Last lesson of week 6



Assessment Task:

Creative arts

Visual Arts

Assessment Task 1:  What About Me? Edvard Munch Critical and Historical Responses

Due: Term 1, Week 6




Performing arts                            

Assessment Task:


Teaching and learning


Technology and applied studies