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Photography & Digital Media

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary artistic practices that make use of photography, video and digital imaging. It also provides opportunities for students to enjoy making and investigating the pervasiveness of these fields in the contemporary world in the visual arts and design, television, film, video, the mass media and multimedia.

This course enables students to represent their ideas and interests about the world, to engage in contemporary forms of communication and understand and write about their contemporary world. Photography and Digital Media enables students to investigate new technologies, cultural identity and the evolution of Photography and Digital Media into the 21st Century.

Students will learn to make photographic and digital media works using a range of materials and techniques in still, interactive and moving forms including ICT, to build a portfolio of work. The units planned have been designed to provide creative and positive experiences through varied subject matter and forms such as: 

  • Animation Teachers
  • Audio Works
  • Camera Based Works
  • Collage and Montage Works
  • Computer Generated Images
  • Digital Media
  • Film
  • Hypertext, Web, Internet Design 
  • Interactive Works
  • Installation Works
  • Multimedia Works
  • Non-Camera Based Works
  • Performance Works
  • Video and DVD Works.