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Visual Design

This course provides students with opportunities to exploit the links between art and design by designing and making images and objects in which aesthetic qualities and symbolic meanings are as important as utilitarian function. It encourages students to explore the practices of graphic, wearable, product and interior/exterior designers in contemporary societies and promotes imaginative and innovative approaches to design within the context of the Australian environment and culture.  

Through the critical and historical study of designed images and objects students are able to analyse and make informed judgements about the designed works that surround them – works which reflect and construct the image they have of themselves, others and their world.  

This course is diverse and covers many aspects of visual design (or commercial art) through the making and studying of artworks. The units planned have been designed to provide creative and positive experiences through varied subject matter and forms such as:  

  • Advertising & Publications
  • Animation
  • Ceramics Ware
  • Clothing & Image  
  • Computer Generated Images
  • Computer Graphics
  • Furniture Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration & Cartooning
  • Jewellery & Accessories
  • Multimedia
  • Photography
  • Printing
  • Product Design
  • Theatre Set Design
  • Video production
  • Web design