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Creative Arts Audition Process

Creative Arts Audition Process

The First Round Video Audition

In this round, candidates respond to a creative challenge through the production of one practical work and addressing a theoretical question from a design brief. Discussions about the artistic process, materials, and artwork's meaning are encouraged. A critical analysis, considering art elements, style, influence, inspiration, time, and place, is advised. Two representatives from the Creative Arts Faculty evaluate the submitted short films to assess both the scholastic and artistic potential of each applicant.

The First Round Video Audition assessment criteria are outlined as follows:

  • Demonstration of technical art-making skills.

  • Fulfilling and exploring the concepts and directions provided in the brief, with the ability to justify, discuss, or explain artistic choices.

  • Exploration of diverse mediums and formats to produce a distinctive, innovative, and resolved artwork.

  • Exhibition of strong conceptual depth and meaningful expression within the work.

  • Demonstration of comprehension and effective use of language in critical and historical responses.

  • Evident articulate skills while discussing artworks, including vocabulary, syntax, expression, engagement, and interest.

Second Round Studio Live Audition

An invitation to attend the Second Round ‘Studio Live Audition’ will be extended to successful applicants.

The 'Studio Live' Audition is managed by the H/T Creative Arts and a Senior Creative Arts Educator. During this group workshop, students will participate in teacher-led artistic activities for two hours, utilising a wide range of mediums, including paint, pencil, mixed media, photography, or digital media. Please note that a mandatory pencil illustration is required before engaging in any digital arts production. All necessary materials will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their preferred materials or digital devices, such as an iPad or camera.

The Second Round Studio Live Audition assessment criteria are as follows:

• Demonstration of technical art-making skills and proficiency in the selected media and materials.

• Production of a distinctive, innovative, and resolved artwork.

• Degree of expression, engagement, and interest shown during the artwork production.

• Originality and resourceful use of materials.

In addition to the above criteria, students accepted into Nepean CAPA High School must demonstrate:

• The ability to work independently, collaboratively, and productively.

• Commitment to the Creative Arts both academically and through extra-curricular engagement.

• High level of attendance and active engagement in the learning process.

Note: Auditioning students are allowed to bring additional practical artworks during the Second Round Studio Live Audition; however, the number of pieces must not exceed four.

Successful Audition applicants can study the following CAPA areas in:

  • Year 7 one CAPA subject area. 
    Year 8 up to two CAPA subject areas.

  • Years 9 and 10 to study up to three CAPA subject areas.

  • Year 11 and 12 multiple CAPA areas of study in accordance with the elective line structure and NESA requirements.