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Excursion/Event notes


Student participating on an excursion

Excursions are arranged for students in Years 7–12 and are designed to complement the program of work being studied in class. Before attending a school excursion, written parental permission must be presented.


When a class is taken on an excursion all students must wear full school uniform unless otherwise advised. Students are expected to behave in a responsible, safe and courteous manner, remembering the School Behaviour Code at all times. Students whose record of behaviour has been judged unacceptable may be placed on a “withdrawal of privileges” list that may prevent them from participating in excursions, school dances or other extra-curricular activities for a specified period of time.


Viewing the "Events" tab in the Skoolbag Communication Centre on the school’s website also lists excursion dates.

Excursion Notes - 2023

Thursday 30 November & Friday 1 December
Friday 1 December
Monday 11 December
Monday 11 December